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Innovative, Challenging & Mutually
Growing Partner for the Era of the
4th Industrial Revolution

The destination of our technology innovation is the human being who deserves more comfortable, safer and happier life.
In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we promise to play our historical role as core contributor
through realization of smart city and smart factory.

PULOON Technology Inc. providing trusted solutions

PULOON Technology Inc. was established in 1997 and started as the technology-oriented company.
The superior capability of R&D and the everlasting efforts for commercialization enables to contribute to the global society of
banking automation and automatic fare collection (AFC). To be the global leader and support the customers much better,
PULOON keeps extending the capability from module provider to system supplier.
Innovation of
Core Products

Technology Oriented
Company to Create
High Value

Challenging New
Value Creation

R&D Culture Based
on Innovation and

Mutual Growth with
Global Customers

Consistent Contribution
for Better Global Society