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Image Recognition

Image recognition is the important technology for digital convergence.
The 4th industrial revolutuion requires these converting products providing digitized data from images.

Automatic Sorter for Betting Slip ASHU

Automatic Sorting Machine for Betting Slip

1. Bundle feeding function up to 20 pcs per batch (longitudinal direction)
2. 4-way OMR recognition by dual light CISs and branding function by TPH
3. Independent inlet for marking card and voting form
4. Bundle feeding, bundle escrow and bundle return function implemented
Applied Solutions


  • - 20 Notes Bundle Insert / Bundle Retract / 1 Note Reject
  • - Dual-Sided CIS Scanner : 300 DPI
  • - Automatic Recognition of OMR, Barcode & QR code
  • - High Speed Thermal Printing of Receipt of Lottery
  • - High Capacity Stacking Box


Model ASHU
DIMENSION 250(W)x600(D)x300(H) mm / 200(W)x300(H)x692(D) mm
Input Method 20 sheets or less bundle per batch (long direction)
Reading Section Reading Method: OMR/BARCODE
Material Used: Mark Card 82.5x144~150mm, t=0.12mm
Voting form (800pcs) 51.5x85.5mm, t=0.12mm
Voting form (Normal) 51.5x90mm, t=0.12mm
Direction : Mark card, Voting form (four directions)
Processing time : 2 second/pc
CIS specification : 300dpi / 570nm / scan width 108mm
Branding Branding Type : Thermal Printing
Factor Speed/Resolution : 150mm/s, 200dpi
Stacking Stacking Type : Forced stacking driven by pusher
Loading Capacity : Mark Card 500 pcs, Voting Media 300 pcs
Double Detection Type Ultrasonic Method
Power on Branding 24V±10%
Operating Environment 0~45℃, 20%~80% RH (Terminal)
Communication Type USB 2.0