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Banking & Payment

The easiest and most reliable payment is done by cash.
Our cash & payment products could contribute to your efficient cash management and convenient payment method in your life.

Cash Dispensing Module VCDM

Short-edge Cash Dispensing Module (OEM Banknote Dispenser)

VCDM series are the spray type of short-edge bill dispensers with an innovative double note detection technology by ultra sonic sensor and its open structure of accessible path guides delivers the easiest maintenance for users.
Applied Solutions
#Smart Banking & Retail


  • - The Best Space Efficiency by Short-edge Dispensing
  • - The Highest Dispensing Speed among Short-edge Dispensers
  • - Innovative Double Note Detection Technology by Ultrasonic Sensor
  • - Easy Maintenance of Open Guide Structure and Ergonomic Design


Model VCDM 100 / 200 / 300 / 400
Type Short-edge Dispenser
Spray Type
Spec Denomination 1/2/3/4
(W×D×H mm)
1 Deno : 169×349×220
2 Deno : 169×349×330
3 Deno : 169×349×440
4 Deno : 169×349×550
Access Type Front Access
Speed Range 3.2 notes/sec
Media Size Height 62~82 mm
Width 120~165 mm
Thickness 0.06~0.2 mm
Double Detect Ultra Sonic Sensor
Cassette Capacity 500 notes
Reject Capacity About 10~30 notes
Near End Detection About 30~50 notes(Option)
Pickup/Feeding Type Friction / Roller to Roller
Interface RS232C
Power DC 24V +/-10%, 7A


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