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Banking & Payment

The easiest and most reliable payment is done by cash.
Our cash & payment products could contribute to your efficient cash management and convenient payment method in your life.

Cash Dispensing Module UCDM

Universal Cash Dispensing Module (OEM Banknote Dispenser)

UCDM is the high performance bill dispenser with presenting & retracting function, which is used for ATMs, TVMs and banknote exchangers. UCDM has superb capability to cover worldwide banknotes, not only paper but also polymer notes, at a remarkably high speed.
Applied Solutions
#Smart Banking & Retail


  • - High-speed Dispensing of the Worldwide Banknotes
  • - Reliable Performances of Presenting & Retracting
  • - Innovative Double Note Detection Technology by Ultrasonic Sensor


Model UCDM 3100 / 3200 / 3300 / 3400 F/R
Type Long-edge CDM
Bundle Presenter
Spec Denomination 1/2/3/4
(W×D×H mm)
F: 280×676.3×284.8/418.8/686.8
R: 280×676.3×267.6/401.6/669.6
Access Type Front/Rear Access
Speed Range 7 notes/sec
Max. Transaction Size 100 notes
Media Size Height 60~85 mm
Width 120~178 mm
Thickness 0.06~0.18 mm
Double Detect Ultra Sonic Sensor
Cassette Capacity 3000 notes (355mm)
Reject Capacity About 200 notes(Reject/Retract)
Pickup/Feeding Type Friction / Roller to Roller
Interface RS232C/USB2.0 (Option)
Power DC 24V


Brochure UCDM_Brochure 2018 . 11 . 28