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Check Scanning Module PCSU

Check Scanner with Endorsement Printer

PCSU is a head type of check scanning module with dual CIS(Contact Image Sensor) and a built-in endorsement printer. Its small footprint enables users to realize ultra compact size of machines and auto-alignment function is integrated to minimize any possibilities of jamming and human error.
Applied Solutions
#Smart Banking & Retail


  • - Head Type Check Scanner available for E13B and CMC7
  • - Duplex Scanner with CIS(Contact Image Sensor)
  • - Transferring Image at USB2.0 High Speed
  • - One Line Endorsing Printer by 9 Pin Dot Matrix


Model PCSU (Check Scanner)
Dimension (W×D×H mm) 170 × 230 × 80 (Excluding Inlet Bezel)
170 × 286 × 80 (Including Inlet Bezel)
Weight 2.2kg
Media Size W:60~110mm/L:130~230mm/T:0.08~0.13mm
Image Scan Range A6 size(105mm), Duplex Scan
Method Color CIS
Resolution 200 dpi basic spec, 256 Gray Scale
Speed 500mm/s
MICR Recognition E13B & CMC7
Double Detection Optical Sensing Type
Endorsement Position Backside of media
Characters 57 characters (max.)
Scanning after Endorsement 51 characters (max.)
Line 1 line
Type dot impact
Size 12 cpi
Fonts Alphabet/Numeric/Symbol
Lifecycle of Ribbon 100,000 characters (min.)
Feeding Speed Faster than 500mm/sec
Inlet Insertion One by one, Manual insertion
Insert Direction Automatic left-side aligned within 20°
Interface USB 2.0 High speed
Power DC 24V±10%