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Passbook Printer PBPR

Passbook Printer

The passbook printer (PBPR), is the module installed in ATM or Kiosk in order to print the transaction history and information on the passbook, which has horizontal or vertical magnetic stripe on the back cover.
Applied Solutions
#Smart Banking & Retail


  • - Automatic Turning Page(ATP) Function Included
  • - Function to Store the Passbook Left by Customer
  • - Automatic Recognizing Line and Page of Passbook


Model PBPR
Printing Type 24 Pin Dot Matrix Impact
Printing Direction Bi – Direction
Character Sets ASCⅡ CHAR : 12 × 24, Korean CHAR : 24 × 24
Character Code KSC-5601
Printing Speed Korean 121 CPS / Eng. & Number 242 CPS
Printing Gap 10,12,13,15 CPI
Line Gap 5 LPI
Media Size Width : 139.7 ± 0.5mm
Length : 175.0 ± 0.5mm
Thickness : Total thickness below 2.2 mm
Media Type UNISYS TYPE (Vertical)
IBM TYPE (Horizontal)
Automatic Turning Page Bi-directional Automatic Turning Pages
OSU Recognition of Page Mark / Printed Line (Option)
Ribbon Black, Cartridge Type
Interface RS232C , USB 1.1
Voltage 110/220 AUTO SELECTABLE 50~60Hz
Dimension 313(H) x 152(W) x 456(D) mm
Net Weight 10.4 kg