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Image Recognition

Image recognition is the important technology for digital convergence.
The 4th industrial revolutuion requires these converting products providing digitized data from images.

Optical Character Reader KOBRA-550

Optical Mark-up Reader

KOBRA-550 is the optical mark-up reader (OMR) with dual CISs, which is to read betting slips and barcodes on the purchased tickets (vouchers), and to brand the information of refunding details.
Applied Solutions


  • - High-speed reading at 0.6 seconds per sheet
  • - Minimization of misreading and unrecognition by optical control technology
  • - Implementation of efficient path design minimizing mechanical jam.
  • - Easy assembly and disassembly structure considering easy maintenance
  • - Maximization of maintainability by easy replacement design of branding TPH
  • - Implementing Self-testing & Diagnosis function


Model KOBRA-550
Reading Reading Type OMR / Barcode
Reading Method Dual Contact Image Sensors (CISs)
Injection Direction Betting Slip : 4 ways / Voucher : 2 ways
Reading Chanel Scanning Channel : Variable
Timing Mark Channel : Variable
Media Specification W : 82.5mm L : 76~230mm T : 85~150μm
Feeding Speed 635mm/s
CIS Specification Resolution : 200dpi / Light Source : Red / Scan width : 88mm
Double Detection Available
Branding Branding Method Thermal Printing System (TPH)
Branding Speed 150mm/sec
Print sharpness 200 x 120 dpi
Branding Check Function Possession
Stacking Ticket Stack Function Stack Available
Control Communication Type RS 232C
Download Function Possession
Status Check External LED Display
Rated power supply voltage DC 24V±10%
Current Consumption Waiting Time: 300mA / Normal: 3.3A / Maximum: 11A
Others Dimension 1.47 / 201(D) x 143(W) x 159(H)
Weight 2.2 Kg
Operating Temperature 5℃ ~ 40℃