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Collaborative Robot

The artificial partner could help you and take part in the your heavy working or complicated operation.
Collaborative robots are here to support you anywhere.

6-Axis Collaborative Robot SYMPHONY-15

6-Axis Collaborative Robot

Symphony-15 is the smart and powerful collaborative robot, the payload of which is 15 kg and so extraordinarily useful for heavy load work during human collaboration. Symphony-15 obtained safety certifications, EN ISO 10218-1, CE, EMC & KCs.
Applied Solutions


  • - High Payload to Light Weight
  • - Joint Torque Sensor Implemented
  • - Easy Maintenance by Modularization
  • - Optimal Operation by 6 Deg. of Freedom
  • - Real Time Communication on EtherCAT
  • - PC Based Controller and API for External Control


Item Specification (Robot)
Payload 15 kg
Max Reach 1,300 mm
Repeatability ±0.1 mm
Weight 50.0 kg
Axis Range Max. Speed
1st, 2nd Axis ±360° 90°/s
3rd Axis ±150° 120°/s
4th, 5th, 6th Axis ±360° 170°/s
Tool Speed 1 m/s
Position Detection Multi-turn absolute encoder
Drive Motor/Brake Full-axis BLDC Motor
Full-axis Brake
Install Type Floor, Wall, Ceiling
IP Class IP54
Item Specification (Robot Controller)
Controllable axes 6
Control mode Position control
External signals(I/O) DI : 16port / DO : 16port / Ext EMG : 1port
External communication EtherNet : 1port / RS-232 or 485 : 1port / USB : 1port
Weight 20kg