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Automatic Gate

Through our automatic gate door, you don't have to give any more efforts to pass the narrow way.
The safest and most reliable door would be installed with our products in your way.

Gate Door Module Flap Door

Flap Door (PFD)

Flap Door is the simplest passenger control gate door installed at the ACG (Automatic Control Gate) in subway or train station. Puloon's Flap Door is very famous for the highest stability and durability.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Compact Structure with High Flexibility
  • - Convenient Maintenance
  • - Special Materials of Flapper for the Safety of Passenger
  • - Two Selectable Uses for Normal People Only or Disabled People Only


Model PFD
Power Transmission CAM Disk & Link
Motor BLDC Motor
Working Mode Normal Open / Close
Door Flap Dimension 351(W) × 297(H) × 150(D) mm
Opening/Closing Type Horizontal Type / Rotation Angle 73 ±1 deg.
Opening/Closing Speed 0.3 sec ~ 0.5 sec (Adjustable)
Control Type Full Bridge Type ( Control of BLDC Motor Speed )
Power DC 24V ± 10% ( Internal Power : DC 5V )
Flapper Dimension 315.2(W) × 240(H) × 30 (D) mm
Flapper Material Urethane Form
Flapper Core Spring Plate
Lifetime 10 years (on the basis of 10,000 cycles, 19 hours per day)
Gate Width 150 mm